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Blessed are all simple emotions, be they dark or bright! It is the lurid intermixture of the two that produces the illuminating blaze of the infernal regions.



Immortal, wisest and fairest of all beings.


House Baratheon + google searches (insp)

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"i just realized you call him "rhaegar trashgaryen" and wow i love you"


trigger warning rhaegar the trash monster targaryen here to betray your wives and impregnate your sisters 


nothing enrages me more than liberal feminists who assume that unfeminine women have internalized misogyny “because they dont want to be associated with something associated with women”

women are more than femininity and gender roles

eat my ass


I know the protocol in these circumstances, but could you please tell my dad first. I just think my mum would take it better if it comes from him.

l  i  k  e   t h e i r   d r a g o n s   t h e  a r g a r y e n s   a n s w e r e d    t o 

                               n e i t h e r   G o d s   n o r   M e n .

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Five films to take on a desert island

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  1. Aliens
  2. Shawshank Redemption
  3. The Matrix
  4. Moulin Rouge!
  5. Kill Bill

If i’m on a desert island, definitely going to bring movies that make me happy :) 

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