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"What is this place?" —
"The town of Spectre. Best-kept secret in Alabama!"

Big Fish — dir. Tim Burton (2003)

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no matter what anyone says

no matter what you think


Japanese posters for Akira Kurosawa’s Ran.

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Joaquin Phoenix as Emperor Commodus (Gladiator, 2000)

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everyone should post their ten most CRUCIAL CRUCIAL CRUCIAL-ASS movies, like the movies that explain everything about yourselves in your current incarnations (not necessarily your ten favorite movies but the ten movies that you, as a person existing currently, feel would help people get to know you) (they can change later on obviously).

  1. Idi I Smotri (Come and See)
  2. The Shawshank Redemption
  3. Aliens
  4. Requiem For A Dream
  5. Breaking The Waves
  6. Edward Scissorhands
  7. Moulin Rouge
  8. Hot Fuzz
  9. Memento
  10. Blade Runner

this was fun!

Ben. He’s a great man.  I know you find that hard to believe but… he is. You probably feel like you don’t have a choice. But you do, Jack. Free will is all we’ve really got, right?  Anyway, just wanted to put in my two cents. I told you before, you can trust me. I want you to trust me, now, when I tell you that doing the surgery is absolutely the right thing for you to do. It’s the right thing because he deserves to live.

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